Why We Do What We Do

First, we believe that our lives are best lived as an adventure. We face challenges and obstacles. We take risks and walk into the unknown ready to exert ourselves to the utmost, and then trust beyond ourselves and lean on others when our personal limits are reached.
Sometimes, these are self-constructed challenges to keep ourselves from petrifying or atrophying, and other times, they are thrust upon us from outside our comprehension or choice. The result can be greater personal strength and insight, deeper trust, and more precious companionship than before. Is this what you need? Is this something that you want to give your family, your friends, or the young people in your care?
Then take our invitation into adventure if you believe, like we do, that challenges are where life is lived and where real growth happens.


Lester leading a hike for a group of people

Second, we believe that the outdoor world is wild and powerful; it is not sentimental or sympathetic, and it doesn’t suffer fools; it is unpolluted and undiluted; it is beautiful but not tame. It can teach us both mastery and humility.
Do you agree that the quality of our lives is not necessarily being enhanced with more gadgets – that children do not need yet more expensive battery operated toys or artificial theme parks to be happy and healthy?
Then take our invitation into adventure if you want to experience a beautiful setting that is a little bigger, wilder, and more powerful than you are.

mother and daughter smiling with a mountain view

Finally, we believe that an amazing alchemy occurs when you mix the ingredients of exciting activities and challenge, skills and learning, leadership, the outdoor environment, physical exertion, and the group (your partner, your family, your youth group, your scout troop, your friends, your team).
What changes might this work have on you? Who might you become? A stronger person? A better partner? A more proficient scoutmaster? A more reflective parent? A more compassionate friend? Who might you become? Who might they become?
So take our invitation into adventure if you are ready to love, lean on, and learn to support your friends, family members, and trip-mates in a more profound way.

In summary, it is our conviction that an adventure in the outdoors with others can be great fun, and possibly even life-changing!

three people smiling wearing helmets after rock climbing