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Peaceful Paddling

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Canoe a half-day day or full day stretch of the South Fork River. This Class I and II water is ideal for families with elementary school children – just long enough to be engaging, and not long enough to be boring. As we wind through pastures in the Shenandoah Valley, you’ll learn basic canoe strokes and maneuvering. Dangle your feet in the river or dunk your head in to cool off. Watch for blue herons, turtles on logs, and cows in the water!

(Half Day: $140 1-3 people; $35 each additional. Full Day: $175 1-3 people, $45 each additional.)

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Pick-up-the-Pace Paddling

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A full day of canoeing awaits further down the South Fork.  This provides a little more excitement for teenagers, adventurous parents, and other paddle pilgrims! A casual start allows a review of canoe strokes and partner teamwork. More paddling through runs and pools, always under the shadow of Massanutten Mountain. Lunch on the bank and then back into the boats. Finally, at Milepost 17, Compton’s Rapid – a great shoot-through with some higher standing waves! Paddlers call it a “Fat II,” but stay wide of Pillow Rock! Below, there’s a jumping rock for another cool-off before paddling the final mile to the take-out. Load the boats and start the drive home – happy, tired, and maybe a little sun-tanned! West Virginia travelers may want to visit the gorgeous “Trough” on the South Branch of the Potomac. High and remote mountain walls on each side of the river, and keep your eyes open for bald eagles!

(Half Day: $140 1-3 people; $35 each additional. Full Day: $175 1-3 people, $45 each additional.)

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Canoe, Kayak, & Inner Tube Rentals

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Our “friends on the river” Rodney and Dennis and their great crew at Shenandoah River Adventures can help you out here! If you want to canoe on your own and don’t need a guide, contact them at 1-888-309-7222 or [email protected]. Located in Shenandoah VA, Rodney hosts several great stretches of river, and handles the shuttle for you. To find more information click here.

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Design Your Own Adventure

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Numerous other options exist with WILD GUYde Adventures, including a hiking or climbing guided session along Virginia’s Blue Ridge or at the NROCKS (WV), a climbing self-rescue clinic, outdoor fitness training, group orienteering challenges in the National Forest, and flatwater paddling instruction for beginners and children. We can customize to meet the interests of your family, scout troop, or youth group. Contact us today to plan your perfect trip.

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