Frequently Asked Questions

What skill levels are welcome?

We welcome groups of all sorts and all skill levels. Here are just some of the kinds of clients we see…

  • A beginning climber wanting personalized guiding/instruction in anchoring, belaying, movement technique, and rappelling.
  • Family groups/vacation trips.
  • A parent looking for a special experience with their kid(s).
  • A church youth group wanting a day or several of guided outdoor adventure in the Shenandoah Valley.
  • Children’s clubs and Scout troops (BSA Rock Climbing Merit badge available).
  • A group of friends or co-workers looking for a fun day in the National Forest.
  • A creative teacher ready to link outdoor recreation with environmental awareness and natural science for their young students.

When is your guiding season?

We guide year round. Rock climbing March through October; paddling spring and summer; and wild caving 12 months a year (always 53º underground!). Call early to reserve, as weekends in particular can fill up quickly.

Will I have to provide my own equipment?

Nope, WILD GUYde will provide all technical equipment (ropes, harnesses, helmets, etc.).  A personal things-to-bring list will be provided so you can see some items you should have on hand. 

What skill levels are welcome?

We offer skills from casual outdoor fun to family excitement all the way up to extreme. As we plan with you, we’ll decide together what your readiness is, and tailor a trip that meets your interests and needs.

How much does an adventure cost?

Rates vary depending upon the size of the group, the activity chosen, and the site selected.  Explore our adventures pages to find more information about pricing for the activities that interest you. Group rates and multiple day discounts are available. Please inquire.

What is Your “camera-carrier discount”?

For rock climbing events, our camera-carrier discount is 50% off for one person in your group who is just along for the walk, and to snap a few pictures. This could be perfect for an active grandparent that can hike, but isn’t interested in the vertical stuff; invite them along for the ride anyway.

Is there any risk involved?

These activities have inherent risks; that’s the meaning of the word adventure.  Clients will be asked to fill out a Medical Form/Participant Agreement to participate.  Some activities are physically strenuous, emotionally demanding, or require sustained cognitive attention to task and detail.  We make every effort to create a great day, but WGA guides do reserve the prerogative to deny access/participation if, in our judgment, the client is not likely to be successful.  Clients also may not be “under the influence” of alcohol or recreational drugs at the time of the event.

What do I do next?

Download and print the Medical Form/Participant Agreement, and the what-to-bring list, and start to gather your gear. Then, to begin your adventure planning, or to arrange dates, rates and meeting points, contact us.

What does WGA consider a half day?

A half-day is an experience lasting up to 4 hours, from trailhead to trailhead.

What do you consider a paying client?

A paying client is anyone who leaves the vehicle with the adventure group, regardless of their level of subsequent participation.

Do you offer a group discount?

For groups of 10 or larger, we disregard the starter fee, and simply bill the per-person rate.

How and when should I pay?

Payment is requested at the event.  Payment by cash or check (made out to WGA); unfortunately, credit card payments cannot be accepted at this time  Gratuities are never expected, and always appreciated.

Do you have gift certificates?

We do have gift certificates available. Click here or contact us for more information.