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Each of us should have his or her own Everest – a testing place in any endeavor where the goal is almost, but not quite, beyond reach.  When you take on a great challenge and persevere, you discover that your abilities are more than you ever imagined, enabling you at times to accomplish the ‘impossible.’  A life lived in this way is infinitely fulfilling.  It strikes such a responsive chord in so many people that it must resonate with a primitive human instinct.”

(Kenneth Kamler, Doctor on Everest, 2000, p. 297)




“How was your trip?!”


Thanks for being the right person to take our campers on their adventures.  The stories of the fun had are endless.  You and what you do are a vital part of camp! (Camp leader, ’11)


The Camp Adventure Team wanted to say a big “Thank you” for all your help and advice this summer.  We were challenged more than we ever imagined we would be, but we learned so much from it, and are better facilitators and cavers because of it.  Your support through all of it – from training to our most recent cave incident – was invaluable.  Thanks for all you’ve done. (Camp leader, ’11)


Lester thanks so much for such a fun adventure!  My friends and I are still talking about how much fun we had and what an awesome guide you were – we would definitely love to do something like that again soon. (’11)


Lester thanks so much for an incredible trip.  One mom wrote that her daughter was so excited that she talked about the trip during most of that evening.  I think most of the kids felt very empowered by this experience.  Prior to the trip, many were a little concerned, especially about potential dangers and feelings of claustrophobia – but they definitely overcame these feelings and soldiered on.  I think they were proud of their accomplishments.  The following day we reviewed the trip and wrote down all that we remembered.  The kids were great at listing the three things you have to do before going caving, various safety measures, and the three attributes that make a cave.  Later I passed out your cards and we read them together and talked about safety in the backcountry.  This was a valuable trip for our students in terms of geology and learning about the world about them, and also valuable in learning about themselves and how to meet and master their own perceived limitations.  Also it was great fun.  Thanks so much!  (Middle school teacher, ’11)


Lester, your preparation, knowledge, and guidance during yesterday’s caving adventure were better than expected.  I like that you had backup equipment, specialty items so we didn’t have to purchase them; also your friendliness was all noticed and appreciated greatly.  I really don’t know what you could have done better.  Thanks for everything! (’11)


Saturday was my first experience going underground.  Really couldn’t have been better. I was a little apprehensive about my reaction to being confined, but the way the cave was laid out made it easy to become comfortable before going into the tighter areas.  Thought you did a great job.  I’ll like to give you some constructive criticism, but honestly can’t think of anything to improve! (’11)


Lester, I had a great time and I know the knowledge you shared will come in handy as I head on some adventure this spring/summer.  It truly was a confidence builder.  For my navigation skill set, the area you selected was perfect and the instruction was straight forward.  I particularly like the approach of you asking me questions to ponder and working toward the answer rather than telling me “this is what you do.” (’11)


I can’t even tell you how much fun the boys had caving on Sunday.  They want to do this again.  Granny No. 2 is really sore though, and I must get back to doing yoga! (’10)


It was a perfect match with the girl’s and my abilities and experience.  It was challenging enough and attainable.  Even L., our reluctant climber, felt she had really accomplished something besides getting ice cream.  Your teaching of the technical and your encouraging way made the challenge seem possible for everyone.  I appreciated your suggesting my assisting in the belaying; being a part of the process enhanced my experience.   (’10)


I really enjoyed our outing -- having you as our climbing instructor really made the trip worthwhile.  Climbing outdoors is a totally different experience from the indoor gyms.  I find it hard now to get back to what I have been doing indoors.  I also really appreciated your patience and guidance; I definitely felt myself improving as the day progressed.  (’10)


Lester, I am still reliving the excitement we had rock climbing and rappelling as I continue to edit the videos and the photos we took.  I appreciate your professionalism, expertise, and the deep connection with nature.  You made the experience fun and we learned a lot at the same time.  It is very obvious you love what you do.  The location was perfect.  I liked the walk up to the rocks, it built an excitement.  As you could tell, I was terrified at times with many bad thoughts going through my mind, but your confidence and professionalism put me at ease.  I look forward to more trips soon. (’10)


Lester, we spent the afternoon eating ice cream and playing in the river.  This is a trip both girls will remember for a long time to come.  You were very patient and very flexible with our activities.  You treated my daughters with respect, and took the time to teach them in appropriate ways.  You were supportive and encouraging, but also knew when to let them say “no.”  You made them carry their own weight without burdening them.  I also felt very safe every moment.  So sum things up, it was a perfect day of climbing.  It was exactly what we were looking for! (’10)


My daughter was a camper last week with the camp trip.  You were her guide for both caving and rock climbing.  She was so impressed with you and your son and your business.  Her comments to me were that you brought the theme of camp “keeping the earth” into a hands-on experience.  She loved the devotional thoughts in the cave, and the inspirational talk and prayer at the top of the rocks before rappelling.  She felt comfortable but challenged and came away feeling good about herself for doing something she had never done before.  Thank you so much for all you do – you made a positive impact on these kids! (’11)


Our Cadette Troop participated in Adventure Core camp this past May, and 7 of our girls chose to give caving a try.  I am writing to share with you what an incredible experience we had.  Some were a bit anxious about caving.  Those fears quickly turned back to anticipation when Aaron, our guide arrived.  He was very capable, conscientious, and knowledgeable guide who handled the sometimes giggly girls, aptly.  They learned quite a bit as we worked our way through the passages, but also about themselves.  A couple of the girls are among the least adventurous in our group.  However, they felt safe enough to explore some of the narrowest areas of the cave with little encouragement – how empowering! (’10)


Lester, J and I had a great day.  Your personal style and instruction techniques made for a stress fee and comfortable learning environment.  You were also quick to form our group into a supportive team that worked together and positively shared responsibilities and accepted challenges.  (’10)