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To those who have struggled with them, the mountains reveal beauties that they will not disclose to those who make no effort.  That is the reward the mountains give to effort.  And it is because they have so much to give and give it so lavishly to those who will wrestle with them that men love the mountains, and go back to them again and again.  The mountains reserve their choice gifts for those who stand upon their summits.”


(Sir Francis Younghusband)



Rock Climbing and Rappelling Adventures



Summits are a place between heaven and earth” (Gaston Rebuffat)


From death in the valleys, O deliver us, good Lord” (Vincent O’Conner)



Top-Roping at Hidden Rocks, Virginia: This is the rock climbing trip for the adventurous beginner – you don’t have much experience, but you want a great outdoor day with your family or special friends.  Thirty minutes west of Harrisonburg, we’ll park just inside George Washington National Forest, gear up, and hike a scenic 20 minutes through rhododendron and hemlocks and across some mountain streams to a secluded sandstone cliff.  There will be pink and white mountain laurel in June, and wild huckleberries in August.  You’ll be introduced to harnesses, knots, helmets, and the belay system; then we’ll try some easy warm-up climbs to remind you that the kid inside you still likes to clamber on things.  We can go on to some harder climbing that invites you to try new skills and movements.  And we’ll finish the day with a rappel – backing over the edge, with nothing between you and the ground below but 60 feet of air and a great view!  Closer to Luray or Northern Virginia?  We’ll visit Waterfall Mountain in the Massanutten range, or Little Stoney Man on the Blue Ridge for TALL climbing and spectacular Shenandoah Valley panoramas!  

MCj02889750000[1]      (Full-day: $250 for 1-3 people; $60 for each additional.  1/2-day: $175 1-3 P; $45 ea. addl.)




ROCK  CLIMBINGBeginner Climbing At Seneca Rocks, West Virginia: After 90 minutes of curving mountain highway (okay, country two-lane), you’ll gasp to see a spectacular blade of Tuscarora Sandstone, whose summit sits almost 1000 feet above its North Fork Valley floor.  Seneca Rocks is a scenic place for the beginner or family to learn the rock climbing basics, top-roping and rappelling to an awesome West Virginia backdrop.  Easy routes guarantee early success, but more challenging climbs also wait to test your skills.  Seneca Rocks is an awesome place to climb, just beyond the sign that reads: “Here ends the realm of the hiker!”  If you are going to be in West Virginia with a slightly larger group (boy scouts, large family gathering, or church youth or camp group), let us know, and we will relocate just 11 miles down the road from Seneca; WILD GUYde Adventures is an approved guide service at the Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center!

       (Full-day: $275 for 1-3 people; $65 for each additional.  1/2-day: $200 1-3 P; $50 ea. addl.)




Multi-Pitch at Seneca Rocks, WV:  A little more experienced in climbing?  Maybe you tried it at camp or the local rock gym?  Ready for the next step?  Join me for the multi-pitch experience, seconding the route as we lead-climb to the top of the fabled South Summit!  This is the only technical summit in the U.S. east of the Mississippi.  Seneca has routes at all ranges of difficulty, from starters like Old Ladies Route (5.2) to mid-range classics (West Pole 5.7) to old school hardman routes like Crack of Dawn and Madmen Only (5.10).  Every one of them will give you a new appreciation for the expression “high and vertical.”  Register your accomplishment and ruminations in the summit journal, wave to tourists way down in the valley, and then head down to terra firma via the three-pitch rappel.  Finish the day with a splash in the North Fork River swimming hole at “Gravel Beach”; then pick up a cold drink and a West Virginia memento at Harpers General Store before sleeping the ride back to Virginia and “the Burg.”

(Full-day: $225 1st person; $150 each addl.)




Becoming a Climber, and GYM TO CRAG:  This is a tutorial for those who have a little exposure to climbing, and want to gain eventual autonomy.  Maybe you have climbed at Peak Experiences, SPORTROCK, or Earth Treks, or a friend has been taking you out up until now.  On this day, you'll have lots of instruction and hands-on practice in rigging top anchors, belaying skills and equipment alternatives, movement coaching, and rappel setup and protection.  There will be individualized attention and repetitive practice, as well as some exploration of the historical evolution of climbing equipment and protocol.  You might also want to ask advice on gear purchasing.  You will finish the day with a lot more confidence in your basic skills.  A second day is an option, scheduled either consecutively or later in the season, when you are ready to go into some incident management and self-rescue skills. 

          (Full-day: $175  1st person; $125 each for 2nd and 3rd)



Boys Scouts Rock Climbing Merit Badge:  This two-day program fulfills the requirements for scouts to receive their climbing merit badge.  WILD GUYde is an approved Merit Badge Counselor with the Stonewall Jackson Area BSA Council.  When we set up the course with you, we mail you a badge booklet for each scout, outlining the requirements and skills.  You do some prep with your troop beforehand (knots and first aid), and then when we meet at the rocks, we all spend two busy days climbing, belaying, rappelling, and learning.  We will comp one adult leader for every 5 scouts registering.

($90 per person, with a 5-person minimum)



Camp Climbing Staff Seminar in VA:  This two-day seminar helps climbing staff members get up to speed each year with current best practice in running top-rope and rappelling programs and managing climbing groups for summer camps and outdoor school programs.  The fundamentals of anchor construction, belay station management, rappelling setup and administration, group instruction, and site and incident management are fully covered, in a hands-on and interactional format.  Dates are May 20-21, 2019 in VA (Hidden Rocks, near Harrisonburg).  Click here for the information packet. 

     ($175 for one person; $125 for subsequent participants from the same organization)



Professional Climbing Instructors’ Association (PCIA) Top Rope Instructor (outdoor) certification:  Each season, WILD GUYde Adventures offers this 3-day tutorial for active recreational climbers who want to add an instructor certification to their resume.  Skills include anchors (natural and artificial), belay station management, rappel management, climbing movement coaching, and incident management of several common scenarios.  This certification is useful for instructors at camps and university programs, as well as individuals pursuing a career in the outdoor adventure industry.  2020 course dates are April 3-5 at Hidden Rocks VA, with a one-day exam scheduled later in the summer for aspirants wanting certification.  Click here for the information packet.  Additional detail is also available from  http://www.pcia.us

     ($450 per person for the 3-day course; $150 per person for the 1 day certification exam)


Professional Climbing Instructors Association (PCIA) Climbing Wall Instructor (indoor) certification: This 2-day course prepares candidates to instruct at an indoor climbing wall operation (camp, university outdoor program).  Two options this spring are Feb. 29 - March 1 at Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg VA, or March 21 - 22 at Old Dominion University in Virginia Beach VA.  Click here for the information packet.

     ($275 per person)


Essential Eligibility Criteria for all Climbing Experiences


Participants must  be capable of;


1.  Correctly wearing all protective gear (harnesses, helmets)

2.  Safety traverse rugged natural terrain (steep, uneven)

3.  Perform sustained physical exertion 4-8 hours in a day)

4.  Adequately maintain personal nutrition and hydration.

5.  Tolerate direct sunlight, a temperature range of 40-100°F, and various weather extremes of the region (wind, rain).

6.  Successfully climb vertical terrain unassisted but on belay at the 5.2+ level.

7.  Stay with the group; gather when summoned.

8.  Appropriately engage in climbing communication (audible signals, verbalizing, projecting).