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Learning and growing is a process of modifying your beliefs.  Efficient learning requires an open mind.  To be open-minded means you don’t cast out new information before evaluating it, and if it’s useful, making an honest attempt to incorporate it into your present way of thinking.


(Arno Ilgner, The Rock Warrior's Way, 2006)






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Learning and leadership resources from our experiences, contemplations, conversations, and mistakes


"Learning is thinking about experience."  (John Dewey)


"Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it."  (George Santayana)



GUYdelines articles -- our quarterly e-newsletter for outdoor lovers and leaders


Vol. 1 (2007) No. 1:   First in the series of 10 human attitudes that lead to suffering -                   Unwillingness to change plans

                     No. 2: Ego and the desire to impress

                     No. 3: Lack of awareness

                     No. 4: Invincibility


Vol. 2 (2008) No. 1: The unexamined urge to press on

                     No. 2: Avoidance or denial of personal weakness

                     No. 3: A casual approach to details

                     No. 4: Hurry

                     Special issue: Climbing with children


Vol. 3 (2009) No. 1: Materialism and greed

                     No. 2: Last in the series of 10 human attitudes that lead to suffering - Naive optimism, leading to a gross failure to plan

                     No. 3: Teaching children about being lost in the outdoors

                     No. 4: Groupthink in outdoor adventure settings


Vol. 4 (2010) No. 1: Invincibility (revisited)

                     No. 2: Leadership I - shared purpose

                     No. 3: Leadership II - toxic leadership

                     No. 4: Leadership III - leader traps


Vol. 5 (2011) No. 1: Leadership IV - leadership team dynamics

                     No. 2: The 10 (and more) essentials

                     No. 3: 7 things you never want to hear yourself say in the outdoors

                     No. 4: The leadership trap of mindlessness


Vol. 6 (2012) No. 1: Mary's great adventures

                     No. 2: 9 thoughts for staying alive out there

                     No. 3: Nourishment for the soul, from the outdoor world

                     No. 4: "Staying Alive" by David Wagoner


Vol. 7 (2013) No. 1: Stupidity explored

                     No. 2: Becoming unstupid

                     No. 3: Experiential learning

                     No. 4: Lessons from Jackson WY


Vol. 8 (2014) No. 1: Our work as a way of extending goodness into the world

                     No. 2: The march of folly

                     No. 3: When judgement fails

                     No. 4: Some ideas (and quotes) I try to live by


Vol. 9 (2015) No. 1: Learning from 2014

                      No. 2: Learning from Tragedy

                      No. 3: Both Strange and True...


Vol. 10 (2016)  No. 1:  You are Sharing the Woods with These People..!

                        No. 2: Preparing for the Worst

                        No. 3: The Outdoors and the Education of Young People


Vol. 11 (2017) 

No. 1:   9 Leadership Statements that you Never Want to Hear Yourself Say Out There (first three)

No. 2:   9 Leadership Statements that you Never Want to HearYourself Say Out There (Nos. 4, 5, and 6)

No. 3:   9 Leadership Statements that you Never Want to Hear Yourself Say Out There (Nos. 7, 8, and 9)

No. 4:   The People Will Surprise You


Vol. 12 (2018)

No. 1:     Five New Year's Resolutions Worth Keeping

No. 2: TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More

No. 3:  Fear and Courage


Vol. 13 (2019)

No. 1: Self Mastery for Leadership: Imagination and Habit, Part 1

No. 2: Self Mastery for Leadership: Imagination and Habit, Part 2


Vol. 14 (2020)

No. 1: Four Facing Directions of Leadership

No. 2: Just Me and My Two X's

No. 3: No Trust - No Relationship


Presentations at the Wilderness Risk Management Conference


"Human Attitudes that Lead to Suffering in the Backcountry" (Oct. 2008 in Jackson WY)


"Leading Beyond Invincibility, Group-Think, and Other Catastrophic Attitudes" (2009 in Raleigh, NC, 2011 in Boston, MA, and 2017 in Portland ME)


"Ambushed by Myself - Leading Beyond Several Unexpected Leadership Pitfalls" (2010 in Colorado Springs, CO, and 2015 in Portland OR)


"Stupidity Explored - Mindful Leadership Amplified" (2013 in Jackson WY, and 2014 in Atlanta GA)



Additional resources


"Introducing children to the wild (and local) outdoors" (appeared in Around Harrisonburg magazine, June/July 2011, pp. 29-32)


Also, check out www.nols.edu/wrmc/resources.shtml for a wide range of excellent papers on all facets of outdoor leadership and risk management  


Sphere of Labor, a video from Truth in Action Ministries (2013), exploring carrying our Christian faith into the workplace, and featuring Lester from WILD GUYde Adventures.