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The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."  (Alvin Toffler)Staunton PR 1


Some Testimonials...


·        "Great energy and delivery of informative content ... did a good job of drawing out the applicability across a broad range of programs.  Real good stuff.  Could have listened to him for another hour and not been bored."

·        "Lester did a great job engaging the audience, and because he led off with his own personal story, it created an atmosphere in which everyone else felt comfortable opening up and sharing mistakes that they've made in the past too."

·        "Lester always has a way of changing how I perceive incidents and decision-making with my staff.  I enjoyed his insight and thought- provoking topics.  Great session!"

·        "Zook blew me away -- loved his style and his content really brought home for me the notion of adding some mindfulness and awareness to my trip leading, program management, and training instructors."




Adventure, Learning, and Leadership INstitute  (ALL IN)


Action Consulting, Leadership, Teambuilding, and Organizational Development for your department, small business, corporation, agency, or non-profit



WILD GUYde Adventures has been providing outdoor adventures in the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah Valley since 2004.  We know something about taking on challenges, and we know something about leadership.  Now, WGA is ready to deliver action consulting and fun for your company or organization using what we have been learning about positive leadership, assembling and building a purpose-driven team, and overcoming obstacles.



Imagine heading out to the National Forest with your staff or work crew, and coming back at the end of the day with a more clearly defined purpose, stronger working relationships and communication skills, and a better sense of your own leadership agenda.  Imagine too the amazing benefits of having fun together!


We use adventure activities such as rock climbing and rappelling, land navigation, river trips, outdoor survival skills, and wild caving to surface and address issues such as leadership growth, building an effective and bonded team, group planning, overcoming obstacles together, and celebrating (one of corporate America’s most under-utilized team-building strategies).  Consider requesting a proposal for any of the following:



Leadership Development


        Leading in the Mountains and Other Places: a 1 or 2 day experiential leadership lab that highlights key insights and themes in increasing your leaders’ effectiveness.  Participants can be “everyday leaders” (teachers, scout leaders, pastors, parents, anyone willing to be intentional and reflective about their leadership role). 

        Customized leadership development using adventure and experiential learning: we meet with you to talk specifically about your needs and interests, and then tailor a learning experience to suit, using our adventure activity tools.

        Personal Mastery and Purpose: an outdoor adventure day that invites us to confront fear, and engage the endowments of imagination and habit to move ourselves forward in life with vision and purpose – a day that blends thoughtfulness with action!



Team-Building, Communication, and Problem-Solving

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        Indoor (conference room) sessions; experientially engaging your team in deepening trust, developing positive communication patterns and expanding capacity thinking; can be on-site at your location, or off-site (linked with lodging and catered meals if desired); ˝ day or full day; physically casual.

        Navigation Mission: an out-in-the-National-Forest and off-trail adventure that stresses teamwork and problem-solving to reach a shared objective; ˝ day; physically active.

·                          Adventure Team Challenge: cooperating to complete a sequence of challenging outdoor team tasks, stressing individual contribution, active Coal_and_Fire[1]teamwork, and shared purpose; ˝ day; physically active.

·                    Outdoor Survival Challenge:  Can your team build a fire, "score" in the hunt for prey, secure your food from predators, dry-cross a stream, evacuate an injured teammate, and navigate off-trail?  1/2  to full day, physically active.

·                          Ice-Breakers, Meeting or Conference Openers:  Let us help you get your organization gathering or retreat started with networking, fun, and some "de-inhibitizing!"



Incentives and Celebration/Reward Options, for your achievers or hard-working department


        Paddling on the South Fork of the Shenandoah River, with a rope swing, a

great rapid, and some rock jumping (along with canoe skills and river instruction); ˝ day or full day.

Happy climbers        Rock Climbing and Rappelling: Enjoy the “vertical world” at Hidden Rocks, Waterfall Mountain, Little Stony Man, or Seneca Rocks WV; Beginner or Intermediate levels.  By the end of the day, everyone should have experienced “some success and some challenge!”

        Wild Caving: Beginner or Intermediate level trips to the underground world.  Experience helmets, headlamps, mud and rock, learning underground navigation, and seeing flowstone and total darkness; ˝ day.


Our partnership with Horizons Hospitality allows us to offer options into your event package such as conference center or cabin lodging 10 miles north of Harrisonburg VA, and catered or pack-out meals.



What do I do next?


Call or email for a proposal.  We will spend some time getting to know you, and work to understand your situation.   Then, we will create an action proposal tailored to your needs and goals.  At that point, you can begin prepping your team, gathering your gear, and arranging for a day (or several) out of the office!


(540) 433-1637 or




Some other details


·        Lester R. Zook is the WILD GUYde.  He is a Wilderness First Responder, and is a certified member of the American Mountain Guides Association (Single Pitch Instructor), and the Professional Climbing Instructors' Association.  His doctorate in Higher Education Leadership is from the University of Virginia (1995). 

·        WILD GUYde will provide all technical equipment (ropes, harnesses, helmets, etc.).  A personal things-to-bring list will be provided.

·        Traveling in from out of the area?  We can also help with lodging ideas.  We can recommend from primitive to posh – National Forest campgrounds, drive-up motels, and some delightful Bed and Breakfast inns!  Our partnership with Horizons Hospitality also allows us to build conference center or cabin lodging and meals into your event plan. 

·        These activities have inherent risks; that’s the meaning of the word adventure.  Clients will be asked to fill out a Medical Form/Participant Agreement to participate.  Some activities are physically strenuous, emotionally demanding, or require sustained cognitive attention to task and detail.  We make every effort to create a great day, but WGA guides do reserve the prerogative to deny access/participation if, in our judgment, the client is not likely to be successful.  Clients also may not be “under the influence” of alcohol or recreational drugs at the time of the event.

·        WGA is a permitee with the George Washington and Monongahela National Forests, and along Virginia’s Blue Ridge.  WGA practices environmental stewardship, and is a member of the Access Fund, the National Speleological Society, the Harrisonburg Rockingham Chamber of Commerce, the Christian Adventure Association, and the Virginia Tourism Corporation.  WGA is committed to partnering for business success in the Shenandoah Valley, and is an equal opportunity employer and provider.